Thursday, December 22, 2011

Warning: Rant

Fair warning: I'm about to go off on a rant. I realize it's Christmas (speaking of which, could people be MORE rude when out at the stores? Holy crap, I tried to go to CVS on my lunch and it felt like being in a war. Merry Christmas to you, too, douchebags. p.s. Learn how to drive.) and I should be filled with holiday cheer and all that crap, but it's hard to be happy when every time I turn around I feel like there's someone with their hand out asking for money. They ask at the gas station, they ask on the street, they ask for tips on the tip line (which still chaps my hide every single time), and now they're asking me OUT LOUD at the cash register if I want to make a donation. Really? That's where we're at now? Trying to shame people who are just trying to buy a few groceries by making me feel like an a$$hole when I say, "No, I wouldn't like to donate to the whatever-the-cause-this-week is." And then I feel like a jerk, but if I were to donate something every single time I were asked, I'd be the one needing the support (and who's to say I don't? Where's my benefit? Where's my charity?). Sorry, too far. I realize I have far more than I need and I'm incredibly grateful, I'm just sick of feeling like I'm being shamed at every last turn as though I have all this extra money I can just hand out to anyone who asks. I was out of work for a year, remember? And I really don't appreciate being asked by the cashier for further donations when they have donation jars on the counter, a bell ringer as you walk in, and people begging at the cars. Stop the madness!

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