Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pinky's Fandance - Molly Sims

Several years ago at Sundance, I came across a super frazzled Molly Sims. She appeared to be lost and separated from her friends and was a bit frantic. I let her be. No need to frustrate her further by stopping her for a picture, right? See, I can have a heart when it comes to celebrities. After that day, I grew to love the TV show Las Vegas and quickly regretted my decision to leave her alone because I was wishing I'd gotten the picture. Flash forward to present day and I finally got my wish! Molly was on the same program as Josh Holloway the other day and surprisingly (at least to the other collectors waiting) came over to sign autographs. She said she had to hurry because it was her husband's birthday and she was taking him out to dinner. She only did a couple of pictures and I was lucky enough to get one. Hooray!

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