Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pinky's Fandance - Andy Cohen

OK, I'll admit it: I had no idea who Andy Cohen was at the Emmys. In fact, he was hanging out with someone we took a picture with and Andy volunteered to take the picture for us. After it was taken, whoever we'd posed with said, "You should get a picture with Andy, too." Oh, OK. I'm easy like that. I'm SO glad I did! Andy was hilarious in person. He was so exuberant and vivacious - he literally ooozed warmth and kindness. I loved him and wished we were besties. Apparently, so do a bunch of my friends because when I posted my Emmy pictures on Facebook, people went crazy over Andy Cohen. Who knew? See, it's good that I listen sometimes and take pictures when people tell me to. :) Otherwise I would've missed out on the delight that is Andy. Thanks, doll!

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