Friday, December 16, 2011

Pictures from Christmas Past

As I do every year, it's always fun to walk down memory lane at a few of my earlier holidays. Well, someone wasn't feeling very jolly. Was that doll supposed to look like me? Creepy. I loved that yarn ball, though. I should try to make one.
My sister and I - dressed alike, per usual - tearing through our packages and hoping upon hope that there weren't any clothes in the mix.
One of our festive Christmas cards. The guy in the middle isn't related (he was just walking by our house that day so we put him in the picture....OK, not really....but it sounded funny). Awkward.Why am I double fisting two bags? Could I possibly be any greedier?
My Bluebird troop in front of our float in the Christmas parade. So, basically, our parents were OK with us walking around in our jammies? Oh, OK. Of course they're matching (would I expect anything less?).
My sister and I with Creepy Santa. Doesn't she look like a little doll? Not very festive in the yellow, though.
Oh, look. Recycled matching jammies from the Christmas parade. My Barbie was in pink? Shocking. Why did my brother get two things and we only have one? I call bullsh*t on that Christmas.I know what you're thinking: Pinky, your hair was amazing. How do we possibly recreate such a wonder? Well, you can't. It was a Pinky original and there's not enough hairpspray left in the world for you to attempt it. This was in high school - I think Santa was a Senior. My signature smile when I was little. I remember thinking this was a real smile. I was sorely mistaken. Was I rocking green tights? Wow. That's way too much green.
Once again, the annual holiday pose. Good to know that you're never too old for Santa.

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