Wednesday, December 28, 2011

See This: My Week With Marilyn

In addition to The Descendants (which I loved just as much as before), we also ventured out to see My Week With Marilyn this weekend. The movie was interesting, but Michelle Williams' amazing performance was top notch. She completely became Marilyn Monroe and I found myself wanting to learn more about the topics discussed (which is always my way to gauge how much I liked a film - if I've learned something, felt something, or want to find out more about the subject). Check it out if you get a chance.
On the flip side, One Day just came out on DVD and this can definitely be SKIPPED. It was so disappointing, as I'd heard great things about it, but I found myself counting the seconds until it ended. Not a good sign. I paid $1 to see it and felt I was overcharged.
On the plus side, you do get to look at Jim Sturgess for the duration of the film. Never a bad thing. Jim Sturgess is a WIN even if his movie was a dud.

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