Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why Mark Wahlberg Rules

One thing is certain in Hollywood, or wherever there are masses of collectors: We like to talk. When you're camped outside an event waiting for someone, you've got nothing but time to chatter amongst the various fans, collectors, and cameramen. Our fave topic? Whether or not someone is nice and how easy they are to "get." Certain celebs are notoriously mean across the board in every situation and their horrid reputations precede them. Likewise, there are a bunch of celebs who have glowing reputations. Mark Wahlberg is, happily, part of the latter group.

Up until recently, I'd never seen Mark Wahlberg in person, but I'd always heard he was super nice to his fans. As I really wanted a picture with him, I drove early to LA the other day and camped out with the rest of the fans. When I arrived, there were about seven of us. By the time Mark arrived, there were closer to 50. Normally I trim up my pics so you can't see the background chaos, but to show you what a mob scene it was, I kept the picture below intact. Mind you, I was at the far left end and the majority of the mob was on the other side.

When Mark arrived, at first it looked like he might not come over, but we kept calling him (as an insider tip, it's decidedly better for the celeb to come over on the way in - otherwise the crowd will grow and grow and grow and be a billion times worse by the end of the show). Thankfully, he walked over and said he could only stay for a minute because he had a show to do...but then ended up being there forever. Everyone wanted autographs, but I just wanted the picture. When he got down to my side, I snuck my head below all the autographs being shoved over me and said, "Mark, I don't need an autograph, I'd just really like a picture. I drove here from Ventura and have been here awhile." He looked at me, asked where my camera was, and said to give it to his guy to take the picture. When I tried to hand my camera to the guy, he shook his head and said no. Mark turned around, looked at him, and said, "Just do it." LOVE him!

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