Saturday, December 18, 2010

UPS Store = FAIL

Remind me never to use The UPS Store again, as they're certified criminals. $12 for a book of stamps? That's a 50% mark-up, my friends. Oh, yeah. I get tricked into using them because they're so close, convenient, and not as crazy as the Post Office, but that ends now.

To mail out a blanket, it cost me $17. Um, what? Why didn't they ask for my first-born child while they were at it? I keep forgetting that the Post Office has those do-it-yourself scales to use after-hours. Now that's the way to go...well, at least I can hope and pray my stuff doesn't get lost. I usually prefer a way to track a package, but not for that price. UPS Store, you suck. I hate you. Grinch.

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