Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An Open Letter to Tony Danza

Dear Oh-Who-Am-I-Kidding....Yo! Danza!

WTF, man? Last night at the premiere I asked you for a picture not once, not twice, but THREE times and ALL three times you said NO. Are you kidding me with this? Yes, you do look aged and a bit rough (see photographic evidence above), but I still think you're the boss (see what I did there? Clever, no?). I've been a fan ever since you worked for Angela Bower and your show jumped the shark. I realize you're older, but I don't care - I WAS still a fan. Of all the celebs out there, NEVER did I think you'd be one that was rude. Never! I'm quite sad about it. I *may* have almost shed a tear. Obviously you're OK with being photographed, as this picture was taken on the red carpet. Sadly, I guess you're just not happy to pose with or nice to your fans. That kinda breaks my heart. Disappointedly, Pinky Lovejoy


Anonymous said...

I know you're upset with Tony just because he wouldn't take a picture with you, but honestly?...if you had seen Daily Danza, he posted a video there stating that he was just so uncomfortable in taking pics with fans on the spot. I know some fans "expect" their fave celebs to take pics with them...as if its something that the celebs owe them, but please put yourself in Tony's place, and seriously consider this question..."How would I like it if fans asked me day in and day out to take pictures with them?"...to you, it's just you asking him. But you must see the big picture here where ALL fans are thinking...and doing...just like you!! And it becomes very uncomfortable for a guy like Tony.

Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan said...

You're absolutely right, how silly of me to be a fan and support Tony's career for all these years. I'm sure it's SO hard to be him and make all his money. Making a fan's day on the rare times he's approached (because let's face it, he's not exactly the boss anymore) must be SO tough. My heart breaks for him. Asking for a picture is nothing - I've heard horror stories of him screaming profanities at fans - REAL classy. I'm sorry, but your opinion is not welcome here and if you don't like MY opinion on MY blog regarding my disappointment about a celebrity's behavior, then don't read it and have a nice, closed-minded life.