Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pinky's Fandance - John Billingsley

Here's the trouble with being a professional (ahem) celebrity spotter - I'm so overloaded with celebs in LA, that I start to doubt my abilities and pass up opportunities that are everywhere. Instead of just trusting my instincts, which are usually pretty good when it comes to celebs, I talk myself out of people who are really the people I think they are. Does that make sense? One such person was John Billingsley, who's a regular on True Blood (or at least he was in previous seasons). John was in the audience of The Thrilling Adventure Hour with me and I'd just about convinced myself he wasn't anyone I knew. Luckily I pulled my head out after the show and asked him for a picture. I'm so glad I did - hello, True Blood, people! He was super sweet and apparently he's not out much, so score! Now if only I could use to trust those instincts all the time....

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Madison said...

John is a sweetheart. He's very funny. I was in his book club years ago. When he was here (Vancouver) shooting 2010 we had brunch and the guys at the next table kept looking at him. I found it really distracting. As we were leaving one of them exclaimed, "You were in the movie with Denzel!" Out of Time had just played on TV. I guess they'd spent the last hour trying to figure out where they'd seen him. John was totally cool about everything.

John is always cool. He posed with my assistance dog, even though he's a cat person. After I took the picture he told me my dog had spent the entire time in the restaurant leaning on his leg.

I've been reading your blog. Nicely done.