Friday, January 8, 2010

OK, Enough Already - I Call Uncle!!!

I give up. I can't fight it anymore. I could handle my nose bleeding in the heat - even if it went on for 8 hours - because usually it was caused by something. However, this past week, my nose had bled approximately 1,043 times (only a *slight* exaggeration). Now, not only does it bleed when I sneeze, but also when I smile, laugh, cough, move, type, and breathe. Oh, that's a joy. Yesterday, after the 200th nosebleed of the day, I caved, cried Uncle, and called my Ears, Nose, and Throat specialist to schedule an appointment for yet another cauterization. Let me tell you friends, this is NOT a pretty procedure and, while I've had it several times, I'll never get used to it. Hence, why I've put it off so long this time. My appointment is this afternoon and I am NOT excited about it. Hopefully he'll give me some good drugs though. I can already tell I'll be in a great deal of pain.

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