Friday, March 27, 2009

Pinky's Fandance, Friday Edition

We all know I'm not really a fan of American Idol. Couldn't really care less about it one way or the other. However, I do enjoy David Archuleta (having been subjected to it endlessly by my Dad - otherwise known as David's #1 fan - just kidding, Dad) and was excited to hear he was in town today. Imagine my surprise to come across him on Temple Square. Now, I'm not going to lie - the boy may be adorable and cute as a button, but he's as awkward as they come. When I asked him for a picture, he looked around as though someone had to give him permission (but then I just took control and pushed the camera in front of us like the mean pink bully that I am). Bless his little heart. At least he can sing. :)


Christi said...

Look- I'm reading your blog! I'm reading your blog!! I'll have you know that Arielle's friend won tickets to DA when he was here a few nights ago. She went and loved it! (they had really good, close seats too). Yah- pretty sad when my 9 year old has been to a concert more recently than I have!

Christi said...

P.S. I'm freakin' shocked that you like DA. You never cease to amaze me.