Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Opening Night

On June 29th, Keith's new play Desperately Seeking Love held it opening night.
I was trying to take pictures of all the signs outside.
Although this sign was only in our place.
The outside of the theater...
My dad joined me for the evening - so great of him to come out and support Keith!
Someone was excited!
Kate Linder is from The Young & the Restless. She's in the show along with Keith.
The whole crew!
And even more cheese!
This picture was in the restroom and I loved it.
I realize this isn't a great picture of Kate, but I loved the accidental photobomb of Keith in the background.
My friend Gerry is a HUGE Y&R fan, so I was cracking up seeing her next to Kate. I couldn't wait to see her fangirl out!
Our dear friend Jeremy.
Gerry and her friend Kelly.
Gerry holding the business card Kate gave her.
A group shot of people who came out to the support the play (you may recognize a few faces).
Heidi is one of Keith's co-stars.
Signing autographs...
Always fun to see Claudia.
Some fine looking gentlemen here!
Moosie (far left) directed this show. Erin is his girlfriend. We love Moosie & Erin!

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