Sunday, July 22, 2018

Disney Day (Part Two)

At last! The second part of our Disney adventure (well, the first of two days in a row anyway....).
Look at this sexy, fine hunk. Hubba hubba.
Why, yes, we do like to pose at all the typical cheesy spots.
Sometimes we just like to squish our faces together.
Sully for the WIN!
Cars Land
I love looking around at all the subtle things they do to theme everything. These are the bushes outside the Little Mermaid ride.
We were in the same car! When you're riding as a single rider, that rarely happens.
Another example of beautiful theming. These are plants in Cars Land.
The best part about the day was getting to ride the new Incredicoaster for the very first time. I LOVED it!
How freaking cute are these cars?
This is the new entrance to the Incredicoaster. Super fun day!

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