Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Medieval Times

Keith and I have been talking about going to Medieval Times for quite awhile and last weekend we finally made it happen.
Now, granted, we didn't realize we would already have such a busy day driving around LA, but no matter. It all worked out in the end.
I didn't really know what to expect from Medieval Times. Did you know there are no utensils? Luckily everything can be eaten with your hands (and it was all DELICIOUS. Like, seriously, SO SO good).
We got in trouble for this picture because we failed to see the "No pictures" sign that was hidden on a chair. So silly.
Keith bought this flag for $5 and it was the best purchase he's ever made. I've never seen a flag make someone so happy before.
Action shots!
You get seated according to the color of your crown. We were in the green section.
As much as I loved our crowns, I loved this flower headband even more. It's the best part about the evening (aside from that chicken and corn - and the company, of course!).
Somebody was super excited to wave his green flag!
I still have no idea why our knight wore antlers on his helmet.
Hottie alert!
Unfortunately, we hit the WORST traffic on the way home which kind of soured the night, but thankfully we survived.

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