Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Pinky's Fandance - Doug Davidson

As someone who watched The Young & the Restless from a very early age, it was beyond thrilling to see "Paul" himself at Keith's play last week (of course I'm talking about the amazing Doug Davidson). 
Despite him entering right behind us at the beginning, I chickened out asking for a picture until after the play. And that's where I almost went wrong, because I thought I lost him! We'd been watching the door for him to leave, but then suddenly, he was gone. I ran everywhere frantically searching....hoping....
For such a tiny theater, I have no idea how I missed him coming out. Luckily, he walked back over from where he'd gone and my sister and I were able to grab him for a quick picture before he left. Yay! I was so panicked I missed him! Phew. Huge relief! And he was SO nice!

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