Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Hollywood Show - Part Three

I think the rest of the shots are celeb pics, so here's the remaining candid shots from the show.
Apparently Keith and Jeffrey both worked on something either together or the same series? Not sure.
Regardless, I enjoyed watching them interact.
The Guttenberg!
Can you believe this? We met this couple at our friend Jared's wedding in South Carolina five years ago! In fact, they now live right next door to the bride and groom! Small world. Fun to see them again.
Loved watching Keith and Andy together.
We gave Andy a cool Toy Soldiers shirt since he was the bad guy in the film and all.
He also brews his own beer, so we gifted him with some beer mugs.
We love Andy! We had a few drinks with him after the show.....
And met some of his very sweet friends. Perfect way to end the show!

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