Friday, January 5, 2018

See This: A Tale of Two Coreys

We had the opportunity and privilege of seeing A Tale of Two Coreys last night at the premiere. What a great film! Seriously, we were completely blown away.
My husband has a small (but super creepy) role in the film and did a great job (almost TOO great when he comes off as creepy as he does).  
The actors who portrayed both the teen and adult Coreys did awesome. They totally knocked it out of the park.
It was interesting because we've known them since this filmed last year and some looked more like their role than others. Yet every single one morphed onscreen into their role. It was brilliant.
The film was heartbreaking, interesting, sentimental, beautiful, and sad. 
Congrats to everyone involved. Oh, and it airs in the US on Saturday night on Lifetime TV. Check it out!

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