Friday, January 12, 2018

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

So, sometimes I'm a huge idiot. I saw James Tupper leaving an event last weekend and momentarily confused him with Martin Henderson (who I'm dying to get a picture with). Now, to explain further, the last time I saw Martin he drove by me in a similar car to the one James was driving. I had like seconds to place James and get his attention for a picture, to which he happily obliged. It wasn't until afterwards that I realized it was James and not Martin.
Unfortunately, the way I discovered this was by saying the wrong stupid thing to James Tupper. GAH! I told him I was sad he left Grey's Anatomy and then noticed a flash of confusion cross his face. Um.....duh. Wrong actor! I hope he forgives me. Now I'm just going to call any future faux pas (since, let's be honest, I'm sure to have more) "pulling a James Tupper."

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