Thursday, January 25, 2018

Farewell, Auntie Dee

My dad's eldest sister, my Aunt Diane, passed away last night from lymphoma complicated by pneumonia. She was a vibrant, talented, and crafty spirit and she'll be missed.
I love this picture from my parent's wedding. Aunt Diane was the middle bridesmaid.
Diane with her longtime husband, Elmer. I remember when they started dating!
We had a family reunion several years ago in Vegas that was a lot of fun.
My dad and Diane on Thanksgiving one year. Growing up. we spent a lot of holidays together.
Speaking of holidays, here's a throwback picture to a Christmas Eve dinner long ago. Bonus cameo from my grandma.
At our wedding.
This was around the time of my cousin Scotty's funeral. Scotty was her youngest son.
Diane and dad at Scotty's funeral.
Diane and her kids at the funeral. We love you, Auntie Dee. Be at peace now.

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