Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Best. Hallmark. Movie. Ever.'s been a challenging week. All I want to do when I get home is veg out and watch either a comedy or a Hallmark movie. While I do still have 1,497 holiday movies still to watch (only a *slight* exaggeration), I've noticed lately that Hallmark is advertising more cheesy movies as a "Countdown to Valentine's Day" (count me in!). 
Yesterday I stumbled upon one called Dater's Handbook. Now, there a few things to know about Hallmark movies: 1) They like to re-use actors over and over again 2) In the movie description, the actor's aren't shown (you have to search for them). So, unless I see a preview, I'm always surprised by who shows up on my screen.
Last night the heroine was played by no other than Meghan Markle. Meghan Markle! In case you've been living under a rock, she's the actress who just recently became engaged to Prince Harry himself. So, basically, I was living my best life - combining my love for Hallmark movies with my love for all things Royal. It was a dream.
This guy played one of the suitors. I really liked him. He was my favorite.
This guy played the boring suitor. I never remember how I know him besides a few other Hallmark movies, but then I check IMDB and realize, again, that he played Joseph Smith in a bunch of Mormon movies. Duh.

After the movie was over, I was still smiling. I loved it! Apparently she did one other Hallmark movie, as well. Count me in!

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