Tuesday, January 30, 2018

R.I.P. Mark Salling

I was really sad to hear the news this morning that Mark Salling - aka "Puck" from Glee - had committed suicide.
While in no way do I condone any of his actions or poor choices, he was still a human being. He didn't deserve the level of hatred I'm seeing online by so many people. Have they never made mistakes? 
I had the opportunity to meet him several times over the years and he was always very sweet and kind to me. So many of his cast got really inflated egos as their show took off, but I never felt that way from him.
Of course, losing another cast member from Glee brings back the heartbreak of losing Cory Monteith to a heroin overdose. So sad. So tragic. R.I.P. Mark and Cory.

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