Thursday, January 18, 2018

Interesting Hotel....

The hotel we stayed at in Solvang was.....interesting (to say the least).
First of all, the recliners were facing....the wall? The fireplace? Anywhere EXCEPT the TV which, as you can probably see above, is directly to the side of the chairs. Who designed this mess??
Second, it was advertised to have a fireplace. This counts, right? I mean, there's brick, there's a log that lights up with a light and, if you like to play pretend, it can very nearly pass as a fireplace. I mean, without any actual fire, wood, or heat.

Finally, there was an elevator that was so scary that I refused to take it. Every time the door closed, it felt like it was about to be my last moment on earth. We were on the third floor, but I didn't care...didn't feel like dying in an elevator that day. Sorry, no pics of the death trap.

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