Thursday, January 4, 2018

See This: The Shape of Water

There's no other way to say this, really, The Shape of Water is a true masterpiece.
Going into the screening, of course we knew it'd be good, and we'd most likely enjoy it, but we were so blown away the film we fell instantly and totally in love with it.
The story is about a mute girl, Elisa, who works as a maid in a NASA type place where they house "the asset" which is basically an amphipian man form that is also unable to communicate with words. Their chemistry is off the charts amazing and you find yourself rooting for them the entire time.
Every shot is perfect. Every word is great. Michael Shannon is an extraordinary bad guy. The film is a beautiful, wonderful masterpiece. Richard Jenkins is also great as her best friend, as is Octavia Spencer as her best work friend. Hats off to Guillermo del Toro and everyone involved in this spectacular ocular delight.

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