Friday, October 5, 2012

R.I.P. Megan

The other day, when I was pretty much still recovering from the emotional memorial service for my friend Patrick, I was tagged in this picture on Facebook. Thinking it odd because I haven't seen any of my long ago group of friends forever, I was curious what I was being tagged in. Sadly, it was this R.I.P. message for our friend Megan (front row on the left below).  
Um, is this really how people are letting you know that someone you cared about has passed on? Because I don't care for it. Here I thought emails and text messages were too impersonal, but tagging someone in a picture? Dis-like!
Regardless, I'm so sad about losing our friend Megan. She was the life of the party. When I lived in Utah, there were a few years where all I did was sing karoke religiously several times a week. And a tight-knit group of us formed that enjoyed singing together. We had so much fun. Despite moving away (and many of them moving away, as well), I still hold a special place for each and every one of them. These pictures don't show how many of us there were, but they were all I could find for now. Megan would give you the shirt off her back, never failed to buy you a shot, and was fiercely loyal as a friend. R.I.P. Megan. I'll miss you.

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