Friday, October 26, 2012

The Finality of it All

Despite having had a few days to try to process the passing of my dear friend, Franny, I don't think it really hit me until I saw his picture next to the obituary in the paper today. That made it real. He was really dead.
Now, of course, I'm totally beside myself again. The tears are free flowing and, coupled with my cold, I'm a hot mess. I would love to talk about anything else - my fun night with the girls at Ellen, perhaps - but, I'm paralyzed by grief. This weekend isn't going to help - tomorrow is a celebration of Franny's life at a friend's house and Sunday will be a paddle out at the beach.
This is the picture that accompanied his obituary. While it is how I remember him, I think it's his high school photo, which I found interesting.
This is the picture that has been shown with all the news reports on the shark attack. R.I.P. my sweet friend. I still can't believe you're really gone.

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