Monday, October 22, 2012

Can I Get An Amen??

So, the other night I was looking for a book and came across my journal from when I was little. I think I kept this particular journal from age 8 until well past 12. I was reading my sad little thoughts (really, they were all about what we had for dinner until we got to the boy drama starting far earlier than it should have) and thinking how not-that-different they were from how I think now. Well, I mean, I'd never chronicle my food intake each day (although maybe that's not a bad idea after all), I don't really think I think differently about things now than I did then.
Which begs the question - do we ever really grow up? If I'm thinking the same way as I did as a child, am I still acting the same way? Still throwing the same tantrums, still wanting my parents to "look at me, look at me"? Do any of us really ever act our age? Especially if how we feel inside is opposite of how old we actually are? I have no idea where I'm going with this train of thought...just seemed interesting...

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