Tuesday, October 23, 2012

An Open Letter to Bradley Cooper

My dearest, sweetest love,

Um, honey pie, sugar bear, love....we need to chat about your hair. What exactly is going on there? What's with the slope? Why is it shaped like an upside helmet? Or a bell...yeah, that's it. You look like your hair is styled like a bell.
Are you trying to prove that you're a "serious actor" and not be known for your amazing good looks? That's all well and good, but, see, we already know you're a hot piece of a$$. There's no getting around that. Look at those eyes. That smile. That dreamy face. Who wouldn't fall in love with you at first sight? But that hair...sweetie, that hair has just got to go. I'm sorry, you know I love you more than most, so just know this is coming from a place of love. CUT YOUR HAIR! This is not a request. :)

Love, kisses and big, fat, juicy hugs,
Pinky Lovejoy

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