Sunday, January 22, 2012

Will Forte Rules

The funniest part of our day was seeing Will Forte. Shortly before we saw him, some random guy came and told me I had the most beautiful face and eyes he'd ever seen (I literally started laughing out loud when he said it). So, he said this incredibly kind compliment and then walked away.

In the meantime, Will Forte got out of a car and came over for pics. I thanked him for always being so nice and he said, "What? F$&@ you" in this hilarious way - we were cracking up. Then, as he walked away, I asked Will if he'd forgive me for calling him the wrong name earlier. Basically I asked if we were breaking up. His response? "We'll never break up!" At that exact moment, the complimentary guy from earlier walked by and was like, "What?! Are you cheating on me?!" Too funny!

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