Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pinky's Fandance - Channing Tatum

Ever since I arrived in LA I've been hearing how nice Channing Tatum is. At this point he's like an urban legend that always seems to elude me. Even at Sundance last year I missed him by five minutes (which has haunted me until now). Luckily that all changed last night when I FINALLY got my picture with the amazingly fine and RIDICULOUSLY nice Channing Tatum. There were so many people waiting for him you'd have thought he was the President of the United States (actually, scratch that, because none of the people there would've withstood cold temps and the long wait for anyone in politics). But, Channing took it all in stride - went down the line signing and posing with everyone. VERY COOL GUY. The rumors didn't disappoint. Thanks, hottie!

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