Monday, January 30, 2012

Big Thanks

As my most recent Sundance Film Festival has come to a close, I've got a lot of people to thank for helping me attend. In no particular order: thanks to my dad for getting me tires so I could get home; thanks to my mom for listening to me while I was sick in bed during the beginning of the fest; thanks to Heidels for being an excellent partner-in-crime; thanks to my job for allowing me the time off to go; thanks to McFamily for watching Sammy; thanks to Angie for bringing Sammy to see me and watching him the last few days; thanks to the random act of kindness from the passing car full of heroes which dug my weather-beaten car out of the snow; thanks to my Sundance manager for the amazing schedule; thanks to Sundance for the lodging and having me back every year; thanks to my Sundance friends I was fortunate enough to see; and last but not least thank goodness I made it back in one piece! That was a rough one, but still a lot of fun. :) Here's to another great year.

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