Monday, March 5, 2018

United Sucks

It's no secret that I'm terrified to fly. I'm pretty open about my hatred for doing so and will only do it when I have to. That being said, it's usually not as bad as I think it'll be. That is, until we flew United.
Normally, I fly Southwest, or JetBlue. When shows book flights for us, they've used Delta, but mainly it's Southwest or JetBlue. I know what I'm getting and I'm fine with it. Cheap flights, no frills, no complaints. 
This latest show booked us on United flights and the only good thing was that there weren't any layovers. Aside from that, both ways were sheer terror. On the way there, I had a stewardess who decided to put her butt on me for several minutes. This was my attempt at a shot of her. So much fun. Adding to this was how incredibly small the cabin was, how narrow the aisles were, and how overall sucky everything was. The flight crew was downright rude and the whole flight there was from hell. The way home was longer, but the crew was at least a bit friendlier. I will definitely make another decision when booking flights in the future. You suck, United!

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