Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Pinky's Fandance - Liz & Jean Sagal

Back in 1983, a series premiered that my sister and I absolutely loved called Double Trouble. It starred a pair of double-mint twins, Liz and Jean Sagal, and we loved it so much. I totally wanted them to be the older sisters I never had - their show was the best!
Sadly, it only lasted for one season and the only other time I remembered seeing the twins was on Grease 2 where they played Sorority Girls (that was their official title). Not too long ago, Keith and I were watching Grease 2 and I wondered out loud what had become of the twins. Literally the next day, I received information about a Grease 2 screening and they were both on the line-up! Squee!
Unfortunately, the Grease 2 screening was being held at the exact same time as the Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead screening at UCLA, which, of course, had to be our priority. Still, I held out hope that we could do both. Since we had to leave one of our cars parked somewhere anyway (since Keith works on the other side of town and didn't have time to come home between work and the screenings), I suggested we leave one parked near the theater screening Grease 2. Then, if some miracle occurred, perhaps we could catch the tail end of Grease 2 after Keith was done with his Q&A. Well, by the end of the night, I definitely didn't think we were going to make it. Keith's Q&A ran pretty long and then we stayed afterwards chatting with fans and the fellow writers. Still, we had to pick up the car anyway, so we made our way over to the theater. There were a few people outside and I jumped out of the car and said, "It's all over, right?" They said yes, but the Q&A was still going on. HOORAY!!! Keith dropped me off and I ran inside at the perfect time as I just made it right as it ended. I made my way to the front and was able to snap a picture with Jean and Liz and tell them how much I loved their show. I was so stoked! I still can't believe it all worked out.

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