Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Watch This: Roseanne

While I was a really big fan of Roseanne when it had its original run, I'll admit that the last and final season completely jumped the shark and by the time it ended I wasn't that sad to see it go.
So, when I heard they were bringing it back, I was mildly interested, but not especially fired up (like I was when, say, they brought back Will & Grace - now, THAT thrilled me to no end).  
However, after watching the premiere last night, I can see with all certainty that I am ALL IN with this reboot. It's fresh, fun, relevant, and has the heart and laughs of the original (well, the first eight seasons, at least). We were blown away by the hour-long kick-off and can't wait to see the laughs continue. Well done, Roseanne show!

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