Saturday, December 2, 2017

See This: Coco

We had the opportunity to see Coco last week through work and it was really, really awesome. 
Now, honestly, had it not been a free screening, I'm not sure I would have checked it out because the topic (Dia de los Muertas and all) didn't really interest me. But I'm SO glad we went!
Kudos to the person at Pixar who came up with this idea and was brave enough to pitch it with aplomb. Seems like a kid's movie where the kid goes to the afterlife would be a hard sell, but somehow it all worked really well.
Our only complaint was that we were supposed to see it in 3-D and our theater was definitely not 3-D, so that was a bummer.
But, aside from that, it was a really great film. The dog, Dante, was Keith's favorite part.
Oh, and we may or may not have cried major tears at the end. Such a beautiful film!

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