Saturday, December 16, 2017

Q&A for I,Tonya

Can we just talk about the fact that last week I was mere feet away from the glorious and beautiful Margot Robbie?!?! 
I basically need to say thank you to the Universe for making this happen because it was the strangest thing. I found out she had a Q&A at a theater in Santa Monica which was open to the public. The trouble was that by the time I found out about it, it was all sold out. 
Not wanting to give up, I kept trying the website to see if any seats had opened up. Again, this was silly because the ONLY way I had a chance to get a picture with Margot was to sit in the very front row in the middle seat, but these seats had to be purchased in advance, so I was sure there'd be no way to get one. Undetermined, I kept trying and a few hours before the screening happened, a miracle occurred: the front row middle seat became available!!! Of course I bought it immediately.
As soon as the screening ended and before she was even out of her seat, I had asked Margot for a picture. She was so sweet! Sadly, security was rushing up right as the camera went off and they pulled her away (but not before my picture!). So stoked! Thanks again, Universe! 

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