Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Salt Lake Comic Con Fun - Part Two

So, all the days kind of mixed together which is why these are being posted in various clumps.
I tried to snap some fun pics while Keith was doing his photo ops. We couldn't believe how many he had! We were expecting like one or two and they just kept coming!
This one was super fun - bummed I missed the actual shot in the frame. Love when people bring props!
I probably should have included this in my friends post, but my friend KaRyn came to visit! She used to be in my singles ward long long ago.
Such a cute girl! Love her.
Not sure why her face is doing that (because she really was a sweet lady), but I loved her shirt.
Oh, you know. Just posing for professional photo ops and signing autographs. Like one does. Ha!
Ready to take on the con!
Loved this costume.
Our amazing friend Howard came by - we love him! We met Howard in Dallas at Marvelous Nerd Year's Eve. What a great guy!
I had him test out our new photo op with the plate and gun. Turned out great!
My cousin Austin tried it, too!
Cutest little Rocket Racoon!
This was an adorable little Make-A-Wish kid. Loved him!
Egads! I've been cloned!

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