Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Weekend Wedding Fun (Part One)

Last Saturday we attended the wedding of our friend Joanie Miller's son, Sean.
It was held at Reptacular Ranch in Sylmar and the roads to get there scared me more than any road ever. The entire time I was just thinking about getting out of the area and back over those roads safely.
The setting and wedding were beautiful, though.
This was a panoramic shot Keith took.
It was our first wedding that we were attending as "friends of the parents."
Love this shot!
Our good friend Scotty was there and saved us seats. Hooray!
Like the matching shades?
Yes, there was a petting zoo. No, we didn't participate.
This was us trying to crash the wedding pics.
Cute sign!
Jeremy and Joanie.
Cheese! Who's that creeper in the background?

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