Monday, October 2, 2017

Pinky's Fandance - Jack Kehler

We had such great seats at the Dodgers game last week that it's no surprise we saw several celebrities. In addition to Jason Bateman (who we spotted from a distance) and one of the guys from Super Troopers, we saw this guy pretty early on.
As you might recall, we were at the game really early to get the Hello Kitty bag, so I had plenty of time to look for stars. In the section next to us was Jack Kehler. At first, I thought maybe he was just someone I knew, but as I kept looking at him, I knew it was from the movies. For some reason, I kept picturing him with Sandra Bullock in something. It was driving me crazy. I discreetly snapped the picture above and sent it to a few friends who might be able to recognize him. Unfortunately, none of them were much help.
Finally, I went to and started looking at Sandra Bullock's credits. Nothing stood out until I got to Forces of Nature, so I pulled that up and who did I find?!? Jack Kehler! When he got up, I was able to ask him for a picture and he was so sweet! Stoked! Loved figuring out that mystery! Plus, I loved him in that movie (and all the millions of other things he was on).

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