Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Universal Day - Part Two

And now for the remaining pictures from our jaunt over to Universal Studios Hollywood where we basically cheated on Disneyland.
Of course we had to meet Krusty the Clown.
The new Harry Potter Castle!
So cool.
One of the main reasons I don't really like this park is because of how it's laid out. It's on a mountain and getting around involves lots and lots of escalators. Like mile long escalators. Blech.
This was on the Simpsons ride and we thought the sign was hysterical.
This was a little French street and it was the cutest!
It's like we're in Paris.
My husband has never met a phone booth he didn't want to pose in.
Case in point.
The Minion got a little handsy!!! Gotta watch out for those naughty little yellow guys.

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