Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Universal Day - Part One

We had some free passes to Universal Studios Hollywood that needed to be used by Friday, so we decided to head over yesterday afternoon.
I've only been there a few times and it's not really my favorite place. Still, there were fun things to see and any day I get to hang out and ride rides with this cutie is a good one indeed.
How cool is this? I think the Simpsons area was my fave part.
Please note that "Duff" should have been included in this picture. #fail
Moe's Tavern!
Hanging out with Moe himself.
Hugging Marge.
Hanging out with Marge.
The restroom signs were adorable!
The Big Pink! Apparently I'm a tasty entree.
Speaking of things that are big....this donut was HUGE! And so delish.

To be continued....

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