Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why My Dog Hates Me

The following is a post about why my beloved dog, Sammy, hates my guts right now. Please note that all captions will be said in his voice from henceforth.
"Um, is she serious about this? Who has ever seen a dog pirate?"
"Oooh, scary. I'm a vampire. Do I sparkle?"
"I'm so ashamed. I can't believe she dressed me like a witch. I'm a BOY!"
"If I close my eyes, this isn't really happening, right? Make it stop."
"Sigh. Fine. I'm a witch. Let's get this over with."
"She can't be serious with this. Can't she tell I'm not amused?"
"Oh, great. Now I'm a hot dog? I wonder how soon I can run away?"
"No, I will not cave into peer pressure. I will not look at the camera. I will not submit."
"Fine. I'm looking. Are you happy now?"
"No, weird pink haired lady who resembles my mother; I will NOT accept your love. You can suck it."
"I said no love! I reject your kiss!"
"Gah. I'm mortified."
"Hot diggity dog! I'm a hot dog?!? And a dog? Oh, kill me now."

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