Wednesday, November 14, 2012

People's Sexiest Men Alive

Along with the announcement of People's Sexiest Man Alive comes a list of other hot men out there in Hollywood right now. Let's take a look at some of their pics, shall we? On a side note, just so you know, I actually have pictures with all the ones shown below....not to brag or anything.... :) LOL
Channing. Good choice. He's been in most of the movies this year and he's hella hot. Well done, People.
Ben Affleck. Yes, my love for Ben is deep and true. I wholeheartedly agree with this inclusion.
Bradley Cooper. A man who makes me go weak in the knees. Yes, please.
Ah, Chord. The only member of this list I have a crappy photo with. Oh, well. Our day will come, Chord. Our day will come. As for being on this list, YES, I agree.
Chris Hemsworth is a world of yum and he killed it as Thor, so he should totally be on this list.
I will never tire of looking at McSteamy. He is perfection.
Matt Bomer is as sexy as they come. He's also "braid-your-hair" nice, which makes him even hotter.
Jason Mamoa is so hot he's practically on fire. Seriously. Yum.
Um. What the hell happened here, People? How did he make the list? Yes, he might be funny, but he does NOT belong on this list. Please remove immediately.

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