Sunday, November 4, 2012

Soccer Time

Yesterday I went down to my brother's house to watch the kids play soccer. Ava's game was first.
Little Miss Ava was having so much fun - of course I was just distracted by her cute shoes.
Wahoo! Look at me! I scored five goals!
Yep, this soccer stuff is hard work!
Auntie and the soccer star after the game.
Baby James wants to play so bad - he's constantly trying to dribble the ball. I haven't seen a kid that excited to play since his dad - my baby brother - was a baby.
Look at that sweet face!
Owen played goalie during the last quarter and wasn't getting too much action on his side of the field so he decided to take a little rest.
Jay's cute family after the game.
Me and the cute family.
Speaking of cuties....

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