Tuesday, October 9, 2012

An Open Letter to Jack Box

Dear Mr. Box,

Last night I frequented the drive-thru of one of your fine establishments and to my surprise was greeted by none other than your voice at the drive-thru. Expecting, well, a "regular" person, I'll admit to being a bit jarred by hearing, "Welcome to Jack in the Box. This is Jack, founder of Jack of the Box. What can I get for you?" in the voice we've all come to know from all of your commercials.
Um, here's the thing - it's bad enough that you try to act "real" on your ads; the last thing I need is to be spooked when I'm just trying to order a simple little meal. Please don't do that again. It's creepy. We know you're not real (right? You're not?!? Or are you....).

Pinky Lovejoy

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