Thursday, July 8, 2010

What'chu Talkin' About, Pinky?

Today I'd like to introduce a new feature to Thinking Pink called What'chu Talkin' About, Pinky? In honor of the late Gary Coleman, it's an homage to his catchphrase (well, minus the Willis part. If Willis wants to use it, he can put it on his own freaking blog). Megan Fox wore white? David Silver (er, Brian Austin Green) didn't wear silver or green? They were married by a man in a sheet? What'chu talkin' about, Pinky?
Dear Housewife-I'll-Never-Watch: No one cares. Duh nuh nuh....another one bites the dust. And another one bites, another one bites, another one bites the dust....Perhaps Jillian could go out on a date with cheesy Jake? Does anyone have Ed's phone number? I'd like to give him a call. Perhaps he could come watch me bomb at a comedy club?Lindsay just gets classier and classier. Going to court with "F U" written on your finger? Really? When you get out of second grade, maybe you can get a clue.
And this concludes today's edition of What'chu Talkin' About, Pinky? I hope you've enjoyed yourself.

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