Thursday, July 15, 2010

Strangers Are Friends We Just Haven't Met

Throughout my life I've had the extraordinary privilege of meeting a select few people who became instant friends within like five minutes of talking to them. It was as though the Universe put them in my path knowing we'd be instant besties. In Italy, I had this with an opera singer in Rome; At Sundance, I had it with Adam; and the other day I had it with Charlotte (or England, as I call her) at the movie premiere. Charlotte and I spent the past few days together and we've had so much fun. Yesterday we went shopping and to lunch at The Grove and then to Rodeo Drive. Sadly, she goes back to England next week, but she leaves LA tomorrow. It's been awesome to hang out with her.Similarly, Gus and I met while waiting for Colin Farrell at Jimmy Kimmel Live. He was with me and Charlotte at the premiere. It's nice to have a partner in crime for these events. Here's a picture showing you just how close (and yet SO far) I was to Leonardo DiCaprio the other day. Sigh.

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