Thursday, July 15, 2010

Extra Extra

Yesterday I had an interview/audition at a casting company to do some extra work on films/tv shows. Out of 87 people they met with, I was one of the few they selected to represent. As I had to read a monologue, they've also decided to send me out for speaking roles. While I don't really have much desire to "make it big," I'm totally open to trying new things and doing some work as an extra. It could be fun. Plus, it leaves my schedule open for other, more pressing things, like, admiring celebrities. Tomorrow I have to get some headshots taken. Yes, that's right. I've gone Hollywood. The only drawback to my whole experience thus far is the stress I seem to be putting my dear father through. As we're such good friends, I suppose it's easy to forget that he's also my dad, so of course he worries about me commuting the 45 minutes to LA in traffic. I've tried to explain that it's an easy commute (as I've been going at off-hours and therefore avoiding most of the traffic), I've actually driven farther for work before, and he doesn't need to wait up for me, but so far he continues to lose sleep worrying. Drat. Tonight I also start working on the feature film as a Production Assistant. See, I told you. Hollywood. Luckily I've got McH a quick phone call away to guide me and let me know if I'm being swindled.

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Way to go Pink!