Thursday, July 8, 2010

Celebrity Wrap Up - Saturday Edition

Hello and welcome to Saturday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up. Does my girl-crush Heidi Klum have a tattoo on her arm? I can't read what it says, but I'm fairly certain it's my name written backwards. I love you, too, HK. I'm starting to think that Diane Kruger has an entire wardrobe made entirely out of white dresses. I wonder what she wears after Labor Day?Did Danny Zuko and Billy Idol have a love-child?Hi, Claudia. 1986 called and would like its outfit back.Look, Bryce, I know your dad is Richie Cunningham and you're in the big vampire movie right now. Blah blah blah. But just because a certain redhead (who'll remain nameless) fancies herself above the law in the pants category, doesn't mean you can just walk around willy nilly with crap like that on your body. Blech. Even Mrs. C would disapprove.

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