Thursday, July 8, 2010

Celebrity Wrap Up - Friday Edition

Hello and welcome to the early edition of Friday's Celebrity Wrap Up. Hey, while I'm at it, let's just blog a little ahead. Then I won't get so far behind. Genius, right? Oh, Gwyneth. I'm fairly certain that chicken wire isn't something to use as an accessory on a dress. Nice try, though.
Did Alison Sweeney time warp back from July 4, 1982 to co-host this show? You know it's bad when Nick-I-match-my-outfits-to-my-wife-Cannon looks at you like you're crazy. It must be REALLY cold wherever Leighton is because I've never seen someone get "headlights" while wearing a leather dress. I cannot even imagine going to Disneyland and seeing this adorable family walking around all normal like they're not the most rocking people ever. I wouldn't even be able to speak, it'd be ridiculous.
I think Lady Gaga has been watching too many Superman movies where he's in that ice village. How does she get through a door?

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