Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's a Small, Small Facebook World

I'm sure this won't surprise you in the least, but I've always been big on keeping friends forever. Just as I'm unable to ever get over anyone I've had a crush on, I also seem unable to forget people who've been in my life. A majority of the people I talk to the most (on the phone, at least, as they live far away) are friends I met in Junior High and High School. Even if it's someone I've lost touch with, I still miss them, think about them, and hope they're well. Need more proof? I sent out 250 Christmas cards last year. Ridiculous, I know. With the invention of the internet, I think people have a greater chance of reconnecting. Add this to the beauty of Facebook and you've got a recipe for Friend Finding success. In fact, ever since I joined Facebook I've been searching for a select handful of people that I've continuously searched for since we lost touch (mainly people who moved away in Junior High, or some random old boyfriend). I've got a list of them in my head and always type in their names hoping to one day find them.
And, ever persistent that I am, I've been quite successful. After I found another one earlier today, it occured to me that my list is dwindling down. I've almost found everyone! Plus, once I find them, what do I do with them? Is it the search I'm more excited about? I mean, don't get me wrong, I love finding out what's going on and seeing their pictures, but aside from the initial catching up, it's back to business as usual. Is it the thrill of the chase here? What's this all about? Why am I almost disappointed to have reached the end of my search? Is this why I was unhappy when I was married? :) Seriously, what's wrong with me?

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